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F1 Australia - Sutton 2014

Camera model: Nikon D4 Exposure time:1/1000s Aperture: F8 No flash ISO speed :200 Lens: 70-200mm zoom. This is a great shot of Nico Rosberg. I just couldn’t believe the exuberance that he’s got, he’s so emotional on the podium. It’s just great to see emotion and he certainly exudes that whenever he wins. I think we got a little bored last season of Sebastian Vettel and his 11 wins, and the doughnuts, plus I think the finger-pointing is a bit old hat and a little boring now. It is just pure relief and pure celebration of the victory. You can see it from when he gets on, to when he lifts the trophy, to when he sprays the champagne. It’s not like it’s his first win or his first year in Formula One. I guess he sees it as a minor victory that Mercedes has had a good start to the season with that car. At the moment it’s like when Brawn won those six races with Jenson Button in 2009, it’s all about getting the points in the bag and putting pressure on the other teams.

 F1 Australia - Sutton 2014 2

 Camera model: Nikon D4 Exposure time: 1/400s Aperture: F11 No flash ISO speed: 400 Lens: 70-200mm zoom. I really like this picture as it is a unique angle of the opening season shot. For this one I am actually stood in the box where Charlie Whiting is at the start of the race, and where the chequered flag is waved from at the end. It’s such a nice picture because it shows all the photographers and the media that come to a grand prix, it’s not just 20 or so who turn up. It’s very well organised, it’s all about precision, the Australian organisers bring out a truck which lays a grandstand-type thing for us to stand on in stacks. It’s made very easy, we are all working together for the same picture, some down low and some high up. We then go into the drivers’ parade which it flows quite nicely into afterwards, they then go to the grid and then the race is underway so it all goes pretty quickly from that point.

 F1 Australia - Sutton 2014 3

 Camera model: Nikon D4 Exposure time:1/400 s Aperture: F16 Flash ISO speed: 640 Lens: 24-70mm Zoom. It’s the usual story with this one. Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull was very close to the Sauber and Adrian Newey had wandered over. He does it every race but he is so blatant! There was one point when [Sauber team principal] Monisha Kaltenborn sort of walked past and grinned at him, but she was more concerned about talking to the engineers and the driver. It was just a funny moment, he just doesn’t care. I guess he looks at other cars and can immediately see what direction they are going in. He might just see something that might work or might not work, but all the teams are doing the same thing. I would not call it espionage or cheating or anything like that. Newey is very much an investigator of other cars, he loves going round to see what other guys are doing. It’s fascinating to see.

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