Mark Sutton – Life Through A Lens – A night to remember


Mark Sutton - Life Through A Lens - Bahrain

Camera: Nikon D4 | Exposure: 1/1000s | Aperture: F4 | ISO speed: 2000 | Lens: 500mm Telephoto. The start of the race was quite spectacular and you can see Sergio Perez having a massive lock-up as he hits the brakes in the middle of the pack. The race started at 6pm so there was still a little bit of light in the sky and with the high ISO setting on the camera we are able to capture photos in low light. But actually at the first corner there are a lot of big lights and I would say it’s the best lit part of the track – it’s actually like daylight when you’re down there. Incredible. I stayed there for pretty much the whole race because there was so much action going on. But the start was pretty spectacular with plenty of side-by-side action and a good chance to get this photo.

Mark Sutton - Life Through A Lens - Bahrain 2

(Top image) Camera: Nikon D4 | Exposure: 1/800s | Aperture: F4 | ISO speed: 2000 | Exposure mode: Manual | Lens: 500mm telephoto. There was a good crowd on Sunday and they were enthralled by the action at Turn 1. You could hear them cheering over the sound of the engines at some points, which is something new for this year with the quieter cars. The battle between Lewis and Nico really got them going, with plenty of screaming and shouting as they battled into Turn 1. The head-on shot was taken from the photographers’ tower and there were plenty of opportunities for photos as they were battling so much throughout the race. The shot from the rear was taken from the turn-in point of the first corner and there is a little hole there in the fence that I’d never seen before. I stayed there until the very end of the race just in case anything happened.

Mark Sutton - Life Through A Lens - Bahrain 3

Camera: Nikon D4 | Exposure time: 1/1000s | Aperture: F4 | ISO speed: 2000 | Lens: 500mm telephoto. This was another shot from Turn 1 as Valtteri Bottas got late on the brakes and nearly went into the back of Kimi Raikkonen. How he avoided him I don’t know, because he got on the astroturf and there’s not much grip out there. He kept it out of the wall and continued round, but I was waiting for him to hit the barrier to be completely honest. There were full-on battles between several cars into that corner during the race and it was great to photograph.

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