Casualties of War
 Life Through a Lens Spanish Grand PrixCamera model: NIKON D4S | Exposure time: 1/320 s | Aperture: F11 | ISO speed : 200 | Lens: 70-200mm zoom

We didn’t catch the Mercedes collision — Turn 4 is not a usual place for a photographer to stand on the first lap as it’s usually unlikely anything will happen there. The one agency that caught it was doing some work for a sponsor, much like how I got lucky and captured Sebastian Vettel’s engine blowup in Bahrain while doing stuff for DHL — sometimes that’s how it goes. While the race was going I had BBC radio coverage on in my ear and they remarked how sad it was to see the cars sat under covers in parc ferme and so I shot over there as quick as I could.

I think this is a nice image as it’s something different and looks fairly dramatic. I had to get this signed off by the FIA before sending it out because I wasn’t sure if it was actually in parc ferme and an area I’m not allowed to shoot in — I don’t know how it works because I was told it doesn’t become parc ferme until the race finished. Either way, it was a nice shot to get as it was very different to what anyone else got — it has a doomsday feel to it.

Master and Apprentice
Life Through a Lens Spanish Grand Prix 2Camera model: Nikon D4S | Exposure time: 1/320s | Aperture: F6.3 | ISO speed : 400 | Lens: 70-200 Zoom
This was a good shot as it was Dr Helmut Marko who played a big role in Verstappen’s early elevation to Red Bull ahead of the race. I don’t think even Marko would have imagined how it panned out in real life, but this photograph was a bit like master and apprentice celebrating a job well done. Just after this Daniel Ricciardo came over and congratulated Max which was great to see — he was disappointed in how his own race turned out but seemed genuinely pleased for Verstappen. Shooting the first Verstappen-Red Bull celebration felt like the first of many, somehow… I think it’s a sight we’re going to get very used to in the next few years.
Do It Yourself
 Life Through a Lens Spanish Grand Prix 3Camera model: Nikon D5 | Exposure time: 1/1000s | Aperture: F6.3 | ISO speed : 200 | Lens: 500mm Telephoto
This was early in the race and a good example of how it sometimes pays to be in the right place at the right time. I had see the car smoking on the screen in front of me and before I knew it he came round the corner and to a stop just in front of me. After climbing out, Hulkenberg pointed the marshal to go round the back but he went around slowly and didn’t know how to open it. I think Hulkenberg got a bit impatient, grabbed the fire extinguisher off the marshal and initially doused the marshal with it before doing the back of the car. I think the marshals are scared of doing more damage to the car in those moments.

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