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In 2014 the Formula 1 drivers Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado may not be so bothered by extreme  heat. Lotus F1 Team has signed a Technical Partner agreement with IdeniXx Motorsport a Dutch based company to supply and further specially developed clothing to prevent Lotus F1 Team Members from overheating.

The deal is for three seasons. Rob Laurs of IdeniXx is delighted with the agreement. His company, which specializes in safety clothing, wants to use F1 as a springboard for this remarkable textile

IdeniXx jackets, shirts and caps have to earn the right to exist on the pinnacle of motorsport. “We are aiming our textile initially at all types of top athletes, but ultimately to everyone who does not feel comfortable working in extreme  heat, like bakers, steel workers, and even the military.”

For the average consumer our products may be a bit too pricey. “A standard cool shirt costs about 300 euros. This World Patented, Germany made hi-tech textile has been embraced by top athletes for whom we make everything “Made to Measure” to ensure maximum comfort and that makes the garments much more expensive.”

Being an “Official technical partner” to the Lotus F1 Team, is essentially different from sponsorship, emphasizes Laurs.” We have not paid them to use our garments, we want to share with them our expertise, gain even more knowledge, and create a market for our garments that way.”

Everyone who works for the Lotus F1 Team during Grand Prix the weekends, including the pit crew will have IdeniXx garments available for use.

“It would be wonderful if Lotus F1 Team next season changes tires faster than the competition because the pit crew is cooler and fitter”


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