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The great news for readers is, thanks to the support of some significant fans and commercial supporters, GPWEEK will again be FREE to all our F1 and MotoGP readers around the world.If you’re after basic ‘race reports’ then GPWEEK isn’t for you. But if you’re after the best-informed analysis, opinion and news – all packaged with the very best in motorsport imagery – then GPWEEK is DEFINITELY for you!GPWEEK will publish 20 times in 2014 – on the morning after each and every Formula 1 Grand Prix (at around 10am UK time) – packed with all the things you’ve grown to expect of GPWEEK, covering the complementary worlds of Formula 1 and MotoGP.

GPWEEK has the best writers, the most insightful columnists, who are there at the coalface, along with the (F1) team from Sutton images.

You want to know what really happened? Then you’ll be wanting to read GPWEEK the morning after each and every Formula 1 GP.

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Cristina Severini

Cristina trabajó en Argentina con Marlboro McLaren Team: traductora y asistente de equipo. Williams: asistente de Alan Jones y Team. Automovil Club Argentino: Carreras F1 y Aduana. Colaboro en FOCA, actual FOM, en Buenos Aires y Brasil.

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